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The right to free expression is everyone's birthright and DominantWire wishes that every netizen uses it to the fullest. Let DominantWire be a medium to your ideas, opinions, suggestions, criticism and rants. You got an game changing idea that would revolutionise lives. You want to discuss about an upcoming technology's pros and cons. You want to rant about your government's total dick move against human rights and personal privacy. You want to criticise the crap out of a videogame movie for disrespecting your favourite game franchise. You want to show off your amazing videogame concept art or you just want to compare call of duty and battlefield. Whatever it is, we want to hear all about it. So pour out your anger, appreciation or love into the crucible of words, amalgamate your emotions and expressions (and grammar!) into the fiery pit of truth and we shall all help you draw out the sword of information (corny alert!) that will help millions leverage the power of free expression and internet. 

So without further ado, if you're interested in getting your article posted on DominantWire, fill out this swaggy form and drop a quick message over here and depending on your subject and how you impressively you summarise your article, your submission will be short listed and you shall be contacted by us ( or a potato from the future).

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You can promote your product on DominantWire provided your product falls under the below mentioned categories (see point 1). Products apart from these categories will not be entertained. With that being said, please fill out this awesome form keeping the subject as "Product promotion for <enter product name>" and drop a quick message here as well and thou shall be pinged back.

Independent Developers/Artists
We love Indie devs/artists. Making a product on your own is quite a challenge, however development is just half the battle. Advertising and marketing is just as important. It goes without saying that promotions have a huge impact on the sales of the product and are heavy on the pocket as well. Well we are here to help you with that. Indies, please feel free to approach us regarding promotions of your products such as games, tech, art, music or crowdfunding campaigns. DominantWire will promote indie developed products for free. It's the least we can do for our fellow indies in getting the world hear about their product. Fill out this sexy form keeping the subject as "Indie promotion for <enter product name>" and drop us a quick message here as well and we shall get back to you.

Before contacting us and/or submitting your posts, please make sure you read and understand the following guidelines.

1. The only permissible topics are: 

  • Entertainment (videogames, movies, anime etc)
  • Technology
  • Gaming 
  • Game development
  • Career & Education
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Activism

2. Please don't expect any monetary profit in exchange for your articles. DominantWire is a medium to get your word out to thousands of people. Your content will be broadcasted on all our social networks along with an exclusive author shoutout to all our followers and fans in our social community along with your social profile links.

3. The final post must be of at least 2000 words

4. You are free to voice your opinions and views however please keep language profanity to a minimum. Too much abuse in the post is not acceptable. Words, if tailored properly can bring about an impact, so deep and moving that it can revolutionise time and shift governments.