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About us:
The advent of digital distribution platforms have brought about a seismic shift in the world of independent development spawning the 'indie' movement into existence. Now while all's good with the whole hip 'indie' tag and the 'anarchist-swag' of breaking free from the tyranny of the retailer friendly publishers granting you absolute freedom to create and sell what you want in the market. It's not exactly unicorns and rainbows when it comes to marketing your product or your portfolio, on your own. Now we indies aren't exactly diving in moolah like donald duck and Promotional campaigns don't exactly come cheap.

So that's where we come in. We are willing to provide you with FREE marketing, promotion and content for your indie games, tech, crowdfunding campaigns, artist portfolios and projects on our website and our social channels. Why? well, because we love indies. We love the indie culture, we believe it needs to thrive and without a publisher it clearly needs all the help it get. In return we only wish to be credited for our efforts so that more indies know about us. 

Apart from that, dominantwire regularly features articles on entertainment, game development, education and entrepreneurship. We have a guest post feature as well. Head over here if that's your thing.

  • So basically if you need a product/game review or our exclusive hype promo articles to boost your downloads, search results and rating, ping us! 

  • If your project just made it to steam greenlight, kickstarter then let us know and we'll try our best to get you greenlit and funded. 

  • Working on a game right now? Tell us about your in-game progress and we'll share it on our social channels and make sure the whole world knows about it!

  • Artists who want to get their music, concept art, character design, models shown and reviewed by industry legends can contact as well. It's all on the house.

Contact Us:
Interested? Find us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Tag us in your tweets with hashtag #dominantwire_. You can also email us at dominantwire@gmail.com or send us your requirements through this form right here and we'll get back to you.      

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