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Learn Algebra
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Algebra is a very important tool of mathematics that finds it's use in our day to day life. 'Learn algebra' features a number of topics in algebra starting from the basics to more advanced stuff. There are a number of teach-yourself-maths apps in the appstore however unlike most of them this one has a nice user interface, good content and has no buy-premium bullshit.
  • Abridged algebra textbook, covering many aspects of the subject
  • Procedural problem generators, ensuring you will not encounter the same problem twice.    
  • Problem explanations, demonstrating step-by-step how to do each problem
  • Quicknotes, reviewing entire chapters in minutes.
  • Intuitive graphing interface, teaching proper graphing methods.
  • Statistics tracking, helping you identify your weaknesses.

Similar apps :

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It too is a great app for learning algebra/clearing basics. However it lacks in the presentation i.e the interface is all too dry other then that, it has all the same features as the above mentioned app.

Download : Google Play
Website : www.busuu.com

busuu.com, an online community for language learning has brought out a bunch of android apps for a variety of languages. Note that busuu's apps are not completely free. Although the free version for each app contains 20 complete learning units, you'll have to pay to unlock the complete course which includes the more advanced intermediate stuff. 

  • Extensive vocabulary - over 3,000 words and key phrases
  • From beginner to advanced intermediate levels (A1 - B2)
  • Covering 150 different topics using day-to-day situations
  • Comprehensive audio-visual learning material with photos and recordings by   native speakers
  • Sections include vocabulary, dialogues and interactive tests
  • No internet connection required
  • Learning progress can be synchronized with your profile on busuu.com, the famous online community for learning languages with over 15,000,000 users
  • Only language learning app in the world which includes direct interaction with native speakers
  • Submit your writing exercises and get corrected by native speakers from our community
  • Now also supports Japanese and Mandarin as interface languages
  • New Travel Course

Similar apps :
Download : Google play 

Unlike busuu, Cuebrain is more focused on helping the user improve his/her language vocabulary using interactive flash cards (cue cards). Apart from learning from cue cards, you also quiz yourself update your progress, make your own cue card, compete your timing with players around the world  and a whole lot of other features.

That's all folks! That's all i got so far however if you'd like to recommend any more apps that you think qualifies to be in this list  and/ or you got any other better substitutes for any of the above mentioned apps please mention them in the comments below. Thanks!

- Kaushal Kapoor

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