Thursday, 23 April 2015

Mad Snowboarding Reinvents Extreme Sports for Mobile with Open-World Maps, Ghost Multiplayer and Level Editor

So reportedly, snowboarding as a sport took off in early 1960s but our-totally-not-madeup copy of president's book of secrets says that this "invention" was made way before by a pooping pre-historic snowman who was tripping his balls off after he stumbled down the cliff and fell on an unsuspecting-life-contemplating polar bear. The pre-historic pooper then rode the bear down to the river looking majestic as f*ck leaving a brown trail down the mountain. He was however later disbanded from the tribe after he was found farting in smoke signals. Thanks, Obama!

Fast forwarding to present day, snowboarding has made its debut in the videogames industry big time and while the sport has improved both in terms of technique and equipment, mobile games haven't evolved one bit. Rather than bringing out and using the true potential of the sport to their advantage, devs sadly continue to milk the age-old formula of platformers and endless runners like subway surfers, mix it up with the customary tricks and stunts and splat the "impressionistically yum" spaghetti they call a game onto your plate. It's called an extreme sport for a reason! What's extreme in swiping left and right FFS!? Right now if you were to search android market or iOS appstore for snowboarding games you'll be "avalanched" (pun intended) with the multitude of snowboarding games that are on the market right now and not one worth playing. Until now.

Mad Snowboarding [Free] is a third person open-world snowboarding game built in Unity 3D which in true sense is a refreshing refinement and reinvention of snowboarding for mobile platforms. It absolutely nails how a snowboarding game should look and feel, making it ad-infinitum replayable, and my current get-stoned-as-f*ck-and-play game. Mad Snowboarding rather than testing the speed of your right-left swipe reflexes focuses more on player enjoyment and freedom which is evident from the vast, open-world maps the game houses that don't quite hold your hand as to which direction you should go in next like most other racing games do, instead it lets you explore, experiment and choose your own path to the end.

The Internet is reminiscent of the fact whenever humans acquire new means of visual expression, it is weaponized to draw dicks. With that being said, the game features an in-built level editor that lets players create and share their custom maps with the community. In conversation with the developer of Mad Snowboarding, Denis Lapiner who is an avid snowboarder and skateboarder himself "I think with far over 500 community levels in Mad Snowboarding after less than a year, you could say that Mad Snowboarding's level editor is a feature that makes the game stand out compared to other snowboarding games." Denis replies as his grumpy cat photobombs a middle finger in the background.  "Level creation in Mad Snowboarding has become collaborative thing. Sometimes people often upload their unfinished levels, for example, just a terrain. Other people then would download those unfinished levels and improve them. For example, place some ramps, trees, rails and other obstacles." Talking of collaboration, the same level editor asset has been made available in the Unity Asset Store for a ridiculously low price. NSFW maps incoming!

But with this great power, comes a great kick-to-the-nuts. Mad Snowboarding is challenging. I've been all over this game for last two days and it has got me "rage-hooked" which got me thinking of the last game that got me this addicted. Then it got me thinking of 'kittens' because i have a attention span of a potato. Potatoes can't fly for shit and neither can the goddamn flappy bird! As it turns out, Flappy Bird has had a bit of influence over here as well. "I wanted to make players restart the level often, until they made it, so that they get a good feeling of "yeah I beaten this stupid level"! I wanted to make a game that would be really rewarding. Like I said in my eyes this was the best part of Flappy Bird, just getting furious because of all that stupid pipes and this stupid bird not doing what you want. I have played it a few times and I have often rage quitted it, but I always came back after a while." clarifies Denis while opening a beer with his moustache.

Mad Snowboarding also features asynchronous multiplayer mode that lets you go head-to-head with your friends online, even when they're not gaming. This 'Time-shifted multiplayer' lets you race against the 'ghosts' of your friends. Pretty cool, huh? This way the player can fight the recorded replays of other players in real time. Mad Snowboarding allows to compete for highscores with players world wide. Additionally, each highscore can be replayed, this way players can see the best route in each level.

For a videogame to be a truly immersive, the audio and the visuals must come together cohesively to make one interactive experience and in a extreme sports game as Snowboarding, music is the best way to establish mood and to add fire to the gameplay. Denis proudly credits music composer, Jesse Valentine for the game's amazing audio. You can check out Jesse's music here and contact her via mail. By the way, Denis really misses Jesse. So Jesse, if you're reading this, please holler back at Denis or whatever.

Mad Snowboarding is available for free on Android, iOS and Windows so go ahead, check it out, take it out for a spin and if you like it or not or just drop us some love, put a comment down below and let us know what you think of the article and/or the game and while you'e at it check out the official website for more awesome games. 

Meet the Developer:

Meet Denis Lapiner, a part-time adrenaline junkie, game developer by day, Batman by nigh..(shit..) awesome full time indie game developer with 9+ years experience in games industry having worked in several high budget games like Might & Magic X: Legacy at Limbic Entertainment. Denis has been snowboarding and skateboarding since he was 12 and still goes shredding the snow every winter. Denis left Limbic Entertainment four years back and since then has gone full on Indie for about one year now. He has since then made three games: "Freebord The Game", "Mad Freebording" and "Mad Snowboarding" all of which have been huge successes. You can him find on facebook or you can contact him by mail.

- Kaushal Kapoor