Thursday, 22 December 2011

How to Download Torrents Superfast Using Internet Download Manager, IDM

You might have noticed that direct downloads are much faster than torrent downloads. This is because torrent speed is dependent on other peers containing the file. But direct downloads have a direct connection to the server containing the file and hence no speed restrictions. Now it's possible to download your favorite torrent at full speed using the best and the most widely used direct download accelerators in the world which is none other than IDM or Internet Download Manager.

Courtesy: Shayak Sen, Flickr

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  •  The .torrent file or the magnet URL of the torrent  file that you want to download.


There are 2 good websites that let you download torrent files via IDM, namely : zbigz and boxopus. What these sites do is that they simply download the torrent files to their own servers. Since download speed is not a restriction for them, the requested file is downloaded to their server in a few seconds and now you can download it from them without any hassles whatsoever.

I. Zbigz

The First one is zbigz. Although zbigz has a speed limit of 100kb/sec for high speed downloading with idm, it has no need for registrations whatsoever. You can just start using it, right away.

So if you want to try out zbigz then just follow the instructions :

1. Install IDM 

2. Go to

3. Paste the magnet url of the torrent you want to download. or alternatively upload .torrent file 

4. Click Go. 

5. Choose Free. 

6. Wait for a few seconds while zbigz to caches your torrent file. 

7. Wait for zbigz to ZIP your download.

8. Click download once the zipping is done. 

9. As soon as you click download, IDM's download window should pop up. Choose your save location and start the download. 

10. You can pause and resume the download whenever you want, just like your torrent client.

II. Boxopus

The second one is boxopus. Boxopus downloads your torrent files and puts them in your dropbox account which means that in order to use boxopus you need a dropbox account too.

Also boxopus requires registration via invite code only which is not a problem because their is a trick to get around it.

First, Go to and click on the little Register Link. Now in the second TextBox, enter your Email ID and hit Submit.

In the new confirmation section, click on the Facebook Icon next to the text "Sign In via Social Services" and log in to the app using your Facebook Credentials. You'll be asked to enter your Email ID once again. Enter the same ID you entered before, and voila! you are registered.

1. Now that you are in boxopus, paste the url of the torrent you want to download. If you don't have    the url and if you want have the .torrent file on your hard disk, click "Put it in my Dropbox"

2. Wait for boxopus to cache your torrent file. This may take a while.

3. Once it's done, click download. 

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