Sunday, 24 November 2013

How to Solve ADB : 'Device Not Found' Error in Android [SOLVED]

Android Development Bridge, ADB driver is particularly useful for android troubleshooting and development. ADB : device not found error is the most basic and common error that all android users / developers face at some point while trying to interface their android device with their computer. Fortunately, it is very easy to solve it. How? Read on..

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1. First you need to install ADB Drivers refer to this TUTORIAL.
    If you already have them installed then skip to Step 2.


1. It is very important that you have correct USB drivers for your device. Install PdaNet.  Select your phone manufacturer and follow the instructions. It will automatically install the drivers for your device.

2. To confirm whether the drivers have been installed correctly or not keep your android device connected to the computer and go to Device Manger on your computer ( Right click on 'My Computer' - Manage - Device Manager )

As shown in the image, if your drivers are installed correctly you see Android ADB Composite Interface as shown in the red box. 


3.Go to Settings - Applications - Development - Check USB Debugging 

Now with your android device connected to the computer go to command prompt (cmd) and type : adb devices .  
If you get a response as shown in the image then  Congrats! Your problem is solved.

But if you are still getting the error : device not found .Then i advise you to go through all the steps mentioned above properly and if that doesn't work then go to step 4.


adbWireless is a app available on Google Play that enables ADB wireless connection to connect to the phone as if connected by USB however it requires that your android device be rooted otherwise it won't work.

It is really easy to use. Open the app after installing it on your phone.
Initially you will see a green button signifying that adbWireless is off . Touch the button to activate it.

 Simply type the instruction in adb on your computer to confirm the connection. Now if you type adb devices in cmd. You should see a response similar to this:

Feel free to ask me if you encounter any problems.

Kaushal Kapoor

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